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At Basecamp, our mission is to provide an organic space for unique programming and gatherings that seek to facilitate growth for individuals, groups, and companies alike.


As a queer and trans-owned and operated 501c3, we understand the connection between the feelings of safety and acceptance. 


Our property was purchased with the intention of bringing together folks who share the belief that our own growth and our relationship with nature are irrevocably intertwined.  

Our Story

Our Story

Although we've only just opened our doors as of Fall 2022, the idea behind Basecamp has been brewing in the mind of Perry (he/him) - founder of BCBF and its sibling organization, The Venture Out Project - for many years. 

Perry founded The Venture Out Project in 2015 with the goal of bringing instructional backcountry education to LGBTQ+ communities across the country. After leading countless outdoor adventures, the TVOP team realized their mission had changed; they weren't just helping folks to build a foundational understanding of outdoor recreation -


They were creating queer and trans community, and they were using the outdoors to do it. 

BCBF is an extension of the original dream, come to life. As a project of The Venture Out Project, BCBF offers guests a safer, identity-centered alternative to the traditional retreat space.

With BCBF, TVOP participants have access to land where their identities not only matter, but are celebrated - and other guests can trust they're supporting the LGBTQ+ community by working with us. 

meet the team

Basecamp at Beaver Falls is what it is because of the folks who care for it. 

Our team

Founder and Executive Director


Director of Operations

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Director of Administration


Property Manager





Environmental Responsibility & Stewardship 



We see ourselves and the work that we do as an extension of the land and of the environments we inhabit nationwide. As of Fall 2021, The Venture Out Project has purchased Basecamp at Beaver Falls (BCBF), a 40-acre property in Southern Vermont which now serves not only as our primary basecamp for all trips and events, but also as a living landscape that we intend to protect and nourish for years to come.  We plan to utilize BCBF in two major ways: 

By stewarding the land itself through organic and native-specie-based conservation and rehabilitation practices, and 

By rehydrating participant connections to (and therefore care of) nature, through frontcountry and backcountry events and education 

An extension of our responsibility as property owners includes honoring that BCBF is located on the traditional lands and waterways of the Elnu Abenaki and Wabanaki Peoples, past and present.  We acknowledge with respect and gratitude the land itself and the people who have stewarded it throughout the generations. Currently, we’re working to foster connection and build restorative, consent-informed relationships with the Elnu Abenkai people of Vermont to better understand how we, TVOP,  can exist in reciprocity with the land and better support the original Stewards. Although this initiative is growing and evolving, we believe a commitment to planet AND people is crucial.

Click below to read BCBF's Working Land Acknowledgment.

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